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Custom Tailoring

The best option for quality tailoring services is The Garment Clinic. 

Branding Services

We can handle any size orders.  We work with hotels, Army, Navy, hospitals, and churches. (Hem, waist, sleeves). We can add patches, badges or awards to your clothes or uniforms.

 Denim Jean Services

Denim Jeans, are our speciality, If you want to ‘Alter’ an item to fit your body perfectly, think of these as the finishing touches such as repairs, hems or tapers.

Jacket Service
  • Shorten sleeves

  • Shorten sleeves from top

  • Shorten jacket

  • Lengthen sleeves

  • Take in or let out centre seam

  • Take in or let out side seams

  • Square back neck

  • Reduce Collar

  • Clear drapes

  • Close Vents

  • Shoulder pads

  • Make button holes

  • Reline jacket (from)  

Trousers Service

  • Shorten hem plain or with cuffs

  • Shorten hem Jean finish

  • Lengthen hem plain or with cuffs

  • Shorten jeans with original hem

  • Take in waist jeans

  • Take in waist and seat

  • Take in waist seat and waste, mid seam

  • Lengthen hem / false hem

  • Take in or let out side seams


Button Service

  • New zip

  • Front lining

  • Buttonhole

Shirt / Blouse Service

  • Shorten sleeves

  • Shorten length

  • Take in side seams

  • Make darts


Custom Made 

We can repair or Alter' costumes, accessories, toys, beds for your pets

My Special Look

If you have a special occasion and can not find anything to wear or buy, waste no more time we got you covered.

Measurement Services

 Consultations are complimentary 

Other Services

We can customize your curtains, pillowcases, slim sofa covers and personalize most fabrics!

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